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Improve organic ranking and help customers find you

What is SEO

Improve your ranking and be found by your audience

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving your unpaid (organic) ranking in search engine results (e.g. Google). It has and continues to evolve as search engines learn from user searches and what people are actually searching for.


The art and science of SEO is the continual refining of your on-site content as well as getting other websites pointing back to yours to be recognised a better option to present higher up for what a user might be searching for. 

Ignoring the results which appear as a result of paid ads, SEO helps your website rank higher, helps to better understand the competition and ultimately your customers. 

Key components to better rankings


Select the key terms people are using to find you (and your competitors). This often takes some research and you might find key terms to be not so obvious, while certain key terms may belong to certain result types (e.g. reviews).   


Weaving key words and terms into content makes web design and SEO almost interdependent. Content strategy also looks at key placement for chosen key terms to help make them searchable by search engines.

On page & technical

Following on from 'Content', ensuring a secure, mobile friendly, fast (page speed) website is key. Using readable fonts, optimising images and utilising meta tags are just some of the ways to help achieve this. 

Back links

Good quality back links help build authority in the eyes of search engines to help decide which pages to display higher up the rankings. Continuing to produce quality content which other websites want to link back to is a good way to build and maintain back links.

Case study 

A high street shoe repair business with no online presence approached us in 2020 fearing they might become invisible with the pandemic induced lockdowns. We worked closely with them to better understand what they needed from a website and what their customers were coming to them for. Understanding the competition, we employed key strategies from the quadrant above to have the business rank on the first page for their key terms and even above a national chain. 

Local high street business image

A long term investment

While the results of SEO may take a little longer to start to take effect, it helps to grow your online presence in a multidimensional way and gives your customers many ways to find you. 

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